As part of the plan to renew the PFIEV program in Vietnam in 2023, theUniversity of Science and Technology – Danang University hosted the working week between the consortium of Vietnamese institutions of the PFIEV and the Lycée Louis Le Grand Paris (France) on the unification of teaching contents, evaluation and exam questions in Mathematics, Physics and French within the framework of the PFIEV program.
From February 28 to March 02, 2023, the teachers in charge of the courses were divided into 3 groups (Mathematics, Physics and French) to exchange and evaluate the model of the teaching modules in the Vietnamese institutions

In the afternoon of March 2, 2023 at the Closing Ceremony of the working week on “Unifying the teaching contents, evaluation and examination questions of Mathematics, Physics and French within the framework of the PFIEV program” the organizations reported the results of the discussions and proposed solutions to improve the teaching the evaluation and design of the exams of the subjects, such as the reedition of new textbooks, exercises with answers to be used in a common way within the Consortium, reconstruction of the structure of the transition exam between preparatory cycle and engineering cycle…. In the time to come, the two groups from Vietnam and France will continue to work together to concretize the proposals agreed upon during this working week.

> Video of the PFIEV / Louis le Grand working seminar on the preparatory cycle – March 2023

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